Eva Fabry

Director, ECWT

Eva is Founder and Director of ECWT.Under Eva´s leadership ECWT has grown from 16 founding 

members in 2008 to a multi-stakeholder based community with National Point of Contacts in 30+ European countries. Eva is Member of the Future Open Council of Mobile World Capital Barcelona´s Digital Future Society Think Tank, Member of OECDs working group on Higher Education and Entrepreneurship and G100 Global Chair for Communication and Advocacy for Norway under the auspices of WEF.

Bohdana Huriy

Regional Project Manager 

Experienced trainer focused on social capital, social exclusion, e-learning activities, education and NGO’s. She is experienced in the work for business (IT) and University teachings. For four years she worked in the Institute for the Research on Social Capital and the Cieden Agency as a Talent Manager, both in Lviv.

Frank Melis

Director, SMRT.bio

Frank has spent his entire professional life in the pursuit of innovative ideas that help people communicate and collaborate more successfully. Over the past two decades, Frank started up new companies focused on Innovation and Total Talent Management.

Stanislaw Alwasiak

Director, Social Innovation Krakow 

He gained his experience over 15 years of work. He worked in projects financed, among others, from funds at the World Bank or the American Agency for International Development (USAID). He constantly cooperates with organizations from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Tino Mudzingwa

Project Specialist 

Is a SMRT.bio end-user trainer. Tino holds a bachelor’s in International business Management. She has background in Research, Strategic Management, Problem Based Learning. Additionally, she took a minor in Innovation and Leadership working alongside real-life companies in Zimbabwe, the Netherlands and UK. Tino is responsible to train customers on using the SMRT.bio application.

Zainab Al- Lawati

Project Specialist 

Is a SMRT.bio end-user trainer. Zainab holds a bachelor’s in international business management. She is experienced with Marketing, Research Studies, and Creative Designing. In addition, she did an exchange program on International Business within Yasar University, along that she is a private Business tutor works between Oman and the Netherlands. Zainab is responsible to train customers on using the SMRT.bio application.

Alexander Benavides

Branding & Marketing

Alex has vast knowledge in international applied business, innovated business model canvas and experience in marketing working in a wholesale distributor company. Alex is responsible for Marketing Communications within SMRT.bio Global team. He is also the linking pin to Spanish speaking countries within the team.